Top Ten Examples of Irony for Children

A lot of adults don’t under­stand what irony is, so it’s impor­tant to teach chil­dren at an early age. Here are the top ten ironic exam­ples for children:

01. You study all-week for a spelling test, then mis­spell your name on the test.

02. Your par­ents name your lit­tle sis­ter Prissy and she grows up to be a major tomboy.

03. The kids in the neigh­bor­hood work you into a frenzy of excite­ment as they explain how Santa Claus brings chil­dren presents on Christ­mas Eve, only to return home and have your mother explains what it means to be a Jehovah’s Witness.

04. You can’t wait to play with the radio-controlled car that your par­ents gave you for your birth­day, but you dis­cover they for­got to buy batteries.

05. After tak­ing plea­sure in poi­son­ing your neighbor’s mean dog that bit you, your neigh­bor acci­den­tally backs over your dog in his car.

06. You pray that the Margie Miller, the lead in the school play, will come down with the flu on open­ing night, so you, the under­study, can go onstage.  When she calls you from the hos­pi­tal to tell you to break a leg before you go onstage, you do.

07. You can’t wait to finally be 48″ tall so that you can ride the big-ass roller­coaster at the amuse­ment park, only to have it shut down after some­one is slung off the ride the day before you’re sup­posed to visit the park.

08. You beg your par­ents to let you have a kit­ten, then you dis­cover you’re deathly aller­gic to them.

09. You tease another kid at school for act­ing so gay, then you go home and your father announces he’s leav­ing your mother for some­one named Jose.

10. You look for­ward to all the caramels and salt­wa­ter taffy you’re going to score on Hal­loween night, only to find out you’re get­ting braces on Octo­ber 30.

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